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Web and Mobile Development

At BlockBear we use agile development processes that allow us to build web and mobile applications in a fast and simple way. We develop quality applications in technologies such as React, Angular, Python & Django, Node.js, Swift and Android, creating attractive and intuitive user interfaces, compatible with multiple browsers, mobile devices and tablets.

Blockchain Development

BlockBear has a team of experienced blockchain developers working since 2018 who can work alongside business partners to create custom solutions across different industries. We help companies plan, build and implement blockchain-based applications. We work with major blockchain platforms like Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, NEM, and Aeternity.

Product Discovery

At BlockBear we help define, design and build software products tailored to our clients. We execute a creative, progressive and interactive discovery and construction method to reduce project risks.

About Us

BlockBear is a Uruguayan software development firm with a team that loves technology. Our expert team has over 20 years of experience in the software industry helping to be successful with software technologies that bring competitive advantage. It is comprised of software and architecture development specialists, business analysts and project managers. 

Since 2018 we are building technological solutions in different industries, including a collaborative solution to optimize processes in the financial industry, traceability solutions for food products, sustainable fashion products and medical supply chains, among others.

Use Cases


Finargy: Marketplace for financial products (by BlockBear)

Finargy is a cloud platform based on Blockchain technology developed to implement financial product marketplaces that match clients and their financial needs with entities that provide financial services.

Sinergy between financial entities is obtained through the platform by using Blockchain technology.


Altruist: a donations traceability platform for NGOs 

The Altruist platform is a donation system for NGOs and companies that uses blockchain technology as its basis. Donations were notarized and certified for validation, auditing and monitoring. A protoype POC was developed.


Supply chain Traceability to Gluten Free Food for Celiac Association

The Celiac Association of Uruguay (ACELU) is a non profit organization dedicated to the education and care of celiac patients and their families.

“Live Gluten Free” is a mobile app that provides a new consumption experience for those who need or want to live a gluten-free life, safely and reliably.



Consulting and training for the implementation of Blockchain technology for BOKI, a children educational digital platform.


Supply chain Traceability to Sustainable Fashion 

MOLA is a movement that promotes the networking, development and recognition of designers, entrepreneurs, and producers in the Latin American sustainable fashion and textile industries value chain.

Track and Trace is a platform for the sustainable fashion industry that provides customers with complete information on fashion products.


Supply chain Traceability for high cost medication

Consultancy and prototype development of pharmaceutical supply chain traceability solution for high cost medication delivery from lab to patient, using blockchain technology. 

Tech Stack


BlockBear is proud to be part of the IBM partners network, being implementers of its blockchain based sotware solutions, both for Uruguay and throughout the Latin American region.


Bantotal is a software company specializing in the banking industry, leader in the Latin American market. At BlockBear is proud to be part of Bantotal BDevelopers program, by integrating with our financial solution Finargy.

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Av. Gonzalo Ramírez 1676, CP 11200, Montevideo, Uruguay.

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