Success Story: Multinational pharmaceutical company

Supply chain traceability for high cost medication


One of the leading LATAM companies representing a world class pharmaceutical company in the marketing, distribution and management of specialized medical drugs for cancer treatments, transplants and antirretrovirals among others, with over 350 employees in Latam and a distribution network of 560 pharmacies. 

The Challenge

The company wanted to extend its traceability solutions for high cost medication to a scope bigger than their internal supply chain tracking system, reaching drug stores, hospitals and patients.

The moment after medication is delivered to the next actor in the chain, individual drug traceability is kept fragmented or lost. Sometimes high value medication is lost or expires before it can be delivered to the patient it was meant for. 

They needed to assess the costs of integrating the tracking software solutions for high cost medical drugs from their end all the way to the hospitals and patients, and to evaluate if the use of blockchain technology would be helpful for this purpose.

The Solution
  • We structured a consultancy process aimed at understanding the client’s problem, its business and we propose a business case that takes advantage of blockchain technology. 
  • We validated the feasibility of the solution with different actors in the medical supply chain.
  • We developed a POC, substantiating why a blockchain based solution does add value to the project.