Success Story: BOKI

Cryptocurrency loyalty and payment solution for e-learning platform


Boki is an MIT award winning e-learning platform for school education that aims to increase students’ enthusiasm for learning in class by combining software, pedagogy, video games and textbooks.

The Challenge

The client wanted to explore ways of expanding the contents of its platform by opening the content creation process to outside creators and integrate it with a secure, fast and inexpensive payment method so it could pay content creators wherever they were located in the world.  

It also wanted to experiment with new ways of increasing student loyalty to its interactive digital books and courses.

The Solution
  • We executed a consulting process to understand the client’s business needs and how a solution using blockchain and cryptocurrencies could help them achieve their goals.
  • We recommended the creation of a payment system using cryptocurrencies as a secure, quick and low cost method to distribute payments to outside content creators around the world.
  • We also suggested the creation of a student loyalty token that could be earned by successfully completing tasks within the courses and later be used as part of payment for future contents.
  • Also blockchain technology would be used to securely copyright content creation in a tamper proof manner. 
  • We developed a POC to demonstrate the viability of the proposed solution.
“We hired BlockBear to carry out a consultancy service in order to evaluate the possibility of incorporating blockchain in certain processes of our platform and perform tests with cryptocurrency payment technologies. Our experience with their team was extremely positive, we were very satisfied with the quality of their advice.”
Nicolas Pereyra