Success Story: Blockfasion

Supply chain Traceability for Sustainable Fashion


Blockfashion is a company from Uruguay who provides transparency solutions for the sustainable fashion industry in LATAM, through a platform where companies can upload their products, their stories and traceability.

The Challenge

They needed to develop the Blockfashion platform ,a traceability solution in the sustainable fashion industry. They wanted end customers to have complete information on fashion products, from how they are made, under what conditions and what processes were used. The companies can offer such information to improve consumer confidence in the products they buy.  

The supply chain traceability in sustainable fashion is very important, as the consumer requests complete and transparent information on their products.

For the solution, the use of blockchain technology was critical to bring transparency and confidence to the process.

The Solution
  • We executed a consulting process to understand the business needs and how a solution using blockchain could help them achieve their goals.
  • We started by collecting requirements and understanding the business process of the sustainable fashion industry. We also worked with the first client of Blockfashion, who was “Universo MOLA”, a LATAM leading hub of sustainable fashion companies. 
  • After the requirements we did a development proposal, including the benefits of blockchain technology.
  • We validated the solution with different actors in the fashion industry, also with Universo MOLA.
  • We developed from the ground up a blockchain based Mobile and Web platform for the sustainable fashion industry, that provides customers with complete information on the supply chain traceability for the fashion products.

The platform is being used by over 220 companies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru.

"Blockfashion is a company oriented to provide technology solutions to the sustainable fashion industry. We work together with Blockbear to create our solutions since we needed a platform to provide trust and transparency through blockchain technology. We are very grateful to the Blockbear team who helped us implement the cloud platform and APPs along and all the integration with blockchain tech. Today the platform has more than 200 clients throughout Latin America, and we are planning to continue the growth of the platform together with Blockbear."
Pablo Benitez Tiscornia
Director and CEO at Blockfashion