Success Story: ACELU

Supply chain traceability for gluten free food, medicines, and cosmetics products


The Celiac Association of Uruguay (ACELU) is a non profit organization dedicated to the education and care of celiac patients and their families.

The Challenge

The client needed a web and mobile platform to show the products for celiac users of its associated companies. It was essential to display all information about product characteristics and details, ACELU’s seal of approval and supply chain traceability.

ACELU’s associated companies make food, medicines and cosmetic products specialized in celiac people. The user needs to be confident with the product they buy and consume. The use of blockchain is important for the traceability and validation of the products belonging to ACELU.

The Solution
  • We understood the business needs and how a technical solution could help them achieve their goals.
  • We did a proposal for development based on the requirements sent by ACELU.
  • We developed from the ground up a mobile and web platform to show details and complete information on the supply chain traceability of the food, medicines and cosmetic products. 
  • We used blockchain in the traceability process.
"We are grateful to the BlockBear team that helped us envision and develop the “Vivir Sin Gluten” platform. Through an APP, celiac people can access in one place to all the products suitable for their consumption that have been validated by ACELU, with information on their components and production traceability."
Susana Tchekmeyan
President of Uruguayan Celiac Association