Success Story: Finargy

B2C Marketplace for financial products

The Challenge

During product exploration sessions with our business partner Bantotal, a software development firm specialized in core banking products with presence in over 60 banks in Latam, arose the need to create a more efficient market to improve the service offering for certain financial institutions.  

Some banks and other financial institutions only have a small reach, thus benefiting from a platform that could connect them with potential clients from distant locations, provided they could offer them a better deal than the local financial providers.                                                                          

Such a platform would help users in need of financial services to get better deals, while becoming a new sales channel for financial institutions and help them to reach new potential clients, previously not reachable.

The Solution
  • Finargy was born as a cloud platform based on blockchain technology, developed to implement financial product marketplaces that match clients and their financial needs with entities that provide financial services.
  • Sinergy -as well as trust and transparency- is obtained through the platform by using blockchain technology. 
"At Bantotal we are developing a community around our Banking Platform, with the objective of offering Financial Institutions, through Bantotal Store, all the innovation and relevant services so that they can deliver close, convenient and efficient solutions to their clients. This is how we supported Blockbear in the integration of FINARGY, to our Banking Platform. We highlight the knowledge and professionalism with which their team worked to carry out this joint venture."
Gustavo Romay
BDevelopers Manager at Bantotal