BlockBear supports PMI 2019 Conference

BlockBear supported the XV International Congress of Project Management PMI® South Cone Tour 2019 (November 12, 2019). In addition, Ignacio Varese, gave a talk about the LIBRA Cryptocurrency, Facebook’s most important project.

Libra the new Facebook cryptocurrency is the great project of the moment. The global impact it can have on individuals, governments and the financial system can be gigantic. Could it be that we are definitely entering the new era of digital global currencies? Will the project help for financial inclusion? In the talk there will be an introduction to Libra, its fundamentals and characteristics will be described. In turn, an analysis of the project and how it is being executed will be presented. Finally, the great opportunities that are presented to us will be discussed.

Información de la charla en

You can download the presentation here: LIBRA PROJECT